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These pages were made, by Gina Strickland, from photos copyrighted by Mike Strickland. They are for educational use, with permission, only. Publication, or other use, violates copyright.

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<br>Birdfoot Violet.gif

Birdfoot Violet



<br>Blue Lobelia.gif

Blue Lobelia

<br>Button Bush.gif

Button Bush

<br>Cardinal Flower.gif

Cardinal Flower

<br>Catesby Trillium.gif

Catesby Trillium

<br>Coral Honeysuckle.gif

Coral Honeysuckle

<br>Foam Flower.gif

Foam Flower



<br>Green And Gold.gif

Green And Gold





<br>Maidenhair Fern.gif

Maidenhair Fern

<br>Merry Bells.gif

Merry Bells

<br>Piedmont Azalea.gif

Piedmont Azalea

<br>Round Lobed Hepatica.gif

Round Lobed Hepatica

<br>Shooting Star.gif

Shooting Star



<br>Soapwort Gentian.gif

Soapwort Gentian

<br>Trout Lily.gif

Trout Lily

<br>Trumpet Vine.gif

Trumpet Vine

<br>Turks Cap Liliy.gif

Turks Cap Liliy

<br>Umbrella Magnolia.gif

Umbrella Magnolia

<br>Yellow Star Grass.gif

Yellow Star Grass

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